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Sweet CoCo is a Vietnamese cafe that specializes in Vietnamese Sandwiches (Bánh Mì) and Desserts (Chè). Sweet CoCo believes in using the finest and freshest ingredients to allow our customers the hands on experience of customizing their own sandwiches and desserts. We offer a wide selection of jellies, fruits, toppings, and meats for our customers to choose from. At Sweet CoCo, customers can customize their own Sandwiches (Bánh Mì), Vietnamese Dessert (Chè), Smoothies, Espresso/coffee, Tea, Milk Tea, Juice, and Italian Soda.

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Vietnamese Specialty Desserts (Chè)
Vietnamese Specialty Desserts (Chè)
  • C1. Chè Sương Sa Hạt Lựu

    Agar, Mung Beans, Pink Tapioca, Pandan Noodle, Grass Jelly

  • C2. Chè Thập Cẩm

    White Beans, Mung Beans, Big Red Beans, Taro, Rainbow Jelly, Pearls, Coconut Meat, Pink Tapioca, Pandan Noodle

  • C3. Thạch Đậu Xanh Bánh Lọt

    Agar, Mung Beans, Pandan Noodle

  • C4. Chè Tứ Quả

    Agar, Palm Seeds, Lychees, Longan, Coconut Meat, Rainbow Jelly, Pink Tapioca, Pandan Noodle, Aloe Vera

  • C5. Chè Trái Cây

    Agar, Jackfruits, Mango, Longan, Lychee, Palm Seeds, Rambutan, Coconut Meat, Avocadoes, Rainbow Jelly, Pink Tapioca, Pandan Noodle, Aloe Vera

  • C6. Hạt Lựu Sương Sáo Bánh Lọt

    Pink Tapioca, Grass Jelly, Pandan Noodle

  • C7. Đậu Xanh Hột Phổ Tai

    Green Beans, Seaweed

  • C8. Đậu Dỏ Khoai Môn Sương Sáo

    Big red Beans, Taro, Grass Jelly

  • C9. Thạch Sen Dừa Tươi

    Agar, Lotus Seeds, Pandan Noodle, Aloe Vera, Young Coconut Meat & Juice

  • C10. Thạch Nhãn Dừa Tươi

    Agar, Longans, Pandan Noodle, Aloe Vera, Young Coconut Meat, & Juice

  • C11. Thạch Vải Dừa Tươi

    Agar, Lychees, Aloe Vera, Pandan Noodle, Young Coconut Meat & Juice

  • C12. Thạch Chôm Chôm Dừa Tươi

    Agar, Rambutan, Aloe Vera, Pandan Noodle, Young Coconut Meat & Juice

  • C13. Thạch Thốt Nốt Dừa Tươi

    Agar, Palm Seeds, Aloe Vera, Pandan Noodle, Young Coconut Meat & Juice

  • C14. Thạch Ngũ Quả Dua Tươi

    Agar, Lotus Seeds, Aloe Vera, Longan, Lychees, Palm Seeds, Rambutan, Pandan Noodle, Young Coconut Meat & Juice

  • C15. Chè Mát

    Dried Longan, Basil Seeds, Aloe Vera, Pandan Noodle, Young Coconut Meat & Juice

  • C16. Nhãn Nhục Hạt É Sương Sáo

    Dried Longan, Basil Seeds, Grass Jelly

  • C17. Sâm Bổ Lượng

    Agar, Seaweed, Chinese Apple, Palm Seeds, Longan, Lychee, Lotus Seeds, Dried Longan

  • C18. Bơ Dầm

    Smashed Avocado, Rainbow Jelly, Aloe Vera, Pearls, Coconut Meat, Pink Tapioca, Pandan Noodle

Vietnamese Sandwich
(Bánh Mì)
Vietnamese Sandwich (Bánh Mì)


  • BM1. Special Sandwich

  • BM2. Roasted Duck

  • BM3. BBQ Pork

  • BM4. Roasted Pork

  • BM5. Chicken

  • BM6. Steamed Pork

  • BM7. Pate

  • BM8. Roast Beef

  • BM9. Tofu Sandwich

Milk Tea
  • M1. Honey Milk Tea

  • M2. Jasmine Milk Tea

  • M3. Thai Milk Tea

  • M4. Coconut Milk Tea (Caffeine Free)

  • M5. Taro Milk Tea (Caffeine Free)

  • M6. Chocolate Milk Tea

  • M7. Grape Milk Tea

  • M8. Kiwi Milk Tea

  • M9. Japanese Green Milk Tea

  • M10. Mint Green Milk Tea

  • M11. Strawberry Milk Tea

  • M12. Guava Milk Tea

  • M13. Green Apple Milk Tea

  • M14. Almond Milk Tea

  • M15. Coffee Milk Tea

  • M16. Rose Milk Tea

Fresh Juice Bar
  • J1. Watermelon Juice

  • J2. Pennywort Juice

  • J3. Pennywort with Young Coconut Juice

  • J4. Young Coconut Juice

  • J5. Green Jelly and Young Coconut Juice

  • J6. Pineapple

  • J7. Honeydew

  • J8. Cantaloupe

  • J9. Sugar Cane

  • J10. Orange

  • J11. Carrot Juice

  • J12. Green Apple Juice

Italian Soda
  • I1. Green Apple

  • I2. Pineapple

  • I3. Strawberry

  • I4. Kiwi

  • I5. Lychee

  • I6. Peach

  • I7. Passion Fruit

  • I8. Mango

  • I9. Honeydew

  • I10. Mint

  • I11. Guava

  • I12. Grape

  • I13. Rose

  • I14. Rainbow

Espresso Bar
(Hot, Ice, Blended)
Espresso Bar (Hot, Ice, Blended)
  • E1. Café Latte

  • E2. Hazelnut Latte

  • E3. Café Mocha

  • E4. Hazelnut Mocha

  • E5. Caramel Macchiato

  • E6. White Hazelnut Mocha

  • E7. White Mocha

  • E8. Vietnamese Milk Coffee

Smoothie Drinks (Tapioca/Jelly)
Smoothie Drinks (Tapioca/Jelly)
  • S1. Strawberry

  • S2. Strawberry Banana

  • S3. Mango

  • S4. Passion Fruit

  • S5. Lychee

  • S6. Coconut

  • S7. Banana

  • S8. Blueberry Banana

  • S9. Avocado

  • S10. Durian

  • S11. Jackfruit

  • S12. Papaya

  • S13. Sapota

  • S14. Taro

  • S15. Red beans

  • S16. Honeydew

  • S17. Cantaloupe

  • S18. Chocolate

  • S19. Orange

  • S20. Peach

  • S21. Pineapple

  • S22. Green Tea Latte

  • S23. Raspberry Banana

(Green or Black)
  • T1. Jasmine

  • T2. Honey

  • T3. Strawberry

  • T4. Rose

  • T5. Lychee & Peach

  • T6. Honeydew

  • T7. Lychee

  • T8. Peach

  • T9. Passion Fruit

  • T10. Pineapple

  • T11. Mango

  • T12. Kiwi

  • T13. Guava

  • T14. Grape

  • T15. Green Apple

  • T16. Logan

  • T17. Rainbow

  • T18. Tropical

  • T19. Mint

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